Community Submissions

You’re a musician. You’re a filmmaker. You’re a sculptor, you’re an illustrator, a craftsperson. You’re an overall maker of things and you have an idea that you think would be a great fit for Orson’s Publishing.

Hey, we’re all ears. And eyes. And hands. Well, you get it.

Really, while what we “DO” is book publishing, we’re always open to hearing new ideas, particularly regarding innovative and effective ways for stories to be noticed, read, and understood.

So, pitch us.

Just send us an email at editor [at] In that email, we’d appreciate it if you stated A) who you are, B) what you do, C) the work you’d like to send over, as well as how you think it would best be sent over (physical vs. digital) and D) why you think that work would be great for Orson’s. The subject line should read as: “[Your Name] – [Type of Submission] –[Title of Work]”. 

Regardless of our level of intrigue, you will get a response. We ask that, due to the amount of submissions we receive, you remain patient throughout the process, and expect up to four months from your submission date for said response. Orson’s Publishing currently has a very, very small staff that is determined to give each submission the attention that it deserves.  

Other Things We Ask For – Other Submissions

  • Subject Line: “[Your Name] – [Type of Submission] – [Title of Work]”. An example of this is “John Doe – Film – My Wife, Jane Doe”.
  • Originality. We strictly want to produce and promote original work.
  • Innovation. And innovation doesn’t have to be some large, noisy thing. We’re fans of innovation that whispers, too.
  • Experimentation. Whatever the medium, if your pushing of boundaries is in good taste, makes sense, and isn't done to create some flashy illusion, we could be on board. If it's there simply to gloat about your intelligence in front of the audience, it belongs somewhere else.
  • Respect. We’ll be treating you with the utmost respect, and we hope you do the same. If not, it's unlikely we'll be working together.


Orson’s loves local, and we’re always interested in working with our neighbors. If you have an idea as to how we can join forces – whether it be for brainstorming, for promotion itself, or even when you need help raking your leaves this autumn – we’d love to hear it.

Please send us an email at editor [at] with “[Your Business Name] – Washington Business Owner” in the subject line. Then, in the body of the email, tell us what’s on your mind.