Orson's Publishing is proud to announce that it now has merchandise to offer. Our merch lives offsite at the wonderful TeePublic, a platform that not only hosts digital storefronts, but manufactures each item on demand. How we're paid out from items purchased through TeePublic is in the manner of a commission from each item sold. This is because Orson's Publishing is considered the designer of the merchandise. Orson's Publishing is not the seller, nor is Orson's Publishing the distributor. 

Merch Commissions Goals

Each time we reach $100 in commissions, we'll make a $50 donation to Page Ahead, a children's literacy program right here in Seattle, Washington.

What's most exciting to us about this new direction for the company is that we'll be donating 50% of our commissions to Page Ahead, a children's literary program right here in Seattle, Washington. As a company that's still finding its footing in this arena, sometimes it takes a bit for those commissions to add up. Because of that fact, and because it doesn't make much sense for us to donate $1.50 at a time, the first donation that we'll be making will have to be at least $50.

Which means that, in order to make that first donation to Page Ahead, you guessed it, we'll have to hit $100 in commissions. The next time we hit $100 in commissions, another $50 will be donated. And the next time we hit $100? Another $50. And so on. 

So go ahead, get started by browsing our TeePublic storefront, or by clicking the photo above. But also, be sure to sign up for the Orson's Publishing Newsletter so that you don't miss the unveiling of any of our upcoming designs.

If you're interested, check out this breakdown of TeePublic commission rates by clicking this link. Lastly, do check out Page Ahead's website, and, if you're in the position to do so, please donate directly.