Orson’s Publishing is a book publishing company operating out of Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2016 by Garrett Dennert, Orson’s is determined to deliver wise, yet approachable stories to readers everywhere.

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Publishing literature doesn’t make you elite. Nor does reading it. But too often it seems as if the term “literature” brings with it one uber-thick layer of elitism that has yet to be gouged in the ways we believe it should. This layer scares people. It alienates them. It morphs into more than a wall, but into a child who has not been taught how to share.

We refuse to be that child. We refuse to thicken that layer.

Above all else, we strive instead to be approachable, and for readers to come to us with curious eyes, comfortable in picking up one of our books and taking a risk.

You are welcome here. And so are you. And you and you and you.