Wounded Tongue

A NOVEL by Garrett Dennert




The world went dark months ago.

Most chased the light as it went out. Those that stayed now live in fear – of the depletion of resources; of the blackout’s effects on the environment; of the masked tribes warring over pockets of the new world.  

It’s only in the aftermath of sudden events that Vitri, a middle-aged scavenger from Waco, Texas, finds himself thrust in motion, eastward, towards family with whom he has no intention of resuming life.

Circumstances force Vitri to cross paths with Reyn, a hearing-impaired orphan also journeying alone. Head and heart tell each to ally, to navigate the obstacles before them and travel east together. But what they discover lies between them soon becomes the largest obstacle of all.


"... unabashedly stark and animalistic and grim... "

-Amazon Review


"...made me sit up and pay attention while reading. Made me think."

-Amazon Review



Garrett Dennert is an American author raised in Hart, Michigan. He earned his B.A. in creative writing from Grand Valley State University and soon after served as founding member and nonfiction editor of Squalorly. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

In 2016, Garrett founded Orson’s Publishing, a small but mighty press specializing in the wise and approachable. He also founded Orson’s Review, the literary journal of Orson’s Publishing, and serves as its editor-in-chief. 

Garrett’s stories and essays have appeared in Barely South Review, Midwestern Gothic, Monkeybicycle, and Whiskeypaper. He also authored Wounded Tongue, an ambitious dystopian novel. In 2020, Garrett’s short story collection, Strays Like Us, will be published. 

Visit garrettdennert.com to learn more about Garrett. 

Author photo credit: Gavin Doremus