Shipping Information 

We’re extremely grateful for your interest in our titles, and for your consideration of ordering them directly through Orson’s Publishing. In some ways, namely speed and cost, we won’t be able to compete with online retail juggernauts. We just can’t. We’re a very, very small operation with day jobs and limited resources.

But, one thing we can guarantee is that ordering through Orson’s Publishing means that the authors of these beautiful books net over two times the royalty they’d net if you were to order the book through one of those online retail juggernauts — a difference that can’t be shrugged off.

All of that is to say that we mean when we tell you that we’re grateful for your interest. And so are the authors. Going “Indie” is fun, but it isn’t easy, and your support will always-always-always be appreciated.

Finally, some notes on shipping:


As mentioned, we’re a very, very small operation with day jobs and limited resources. Which means that our warehouse is a shoe closet and an under-the-bed tote, each housed in a studio apartment. Which also means that your order will be processed and shipped as soon as possible, but that “as soon as possible” could mean days after the order has been placed.

That said, our goal is to ship orders weekly — to take all orders received within the week and ship them via USPS on the same day. In advance, thank you so much for your time, consideration, and patience.


USPS Media Mail is the only shipping option we offer at the moment, though our hope is to expand shipping options in the future. We’ve chosen this option for two reasons: 1) because it costs you and us less money (we charge a $4.15 flat rate + $0.25 per item; for example, if you were to order five books, the total cost for shipping would be $5.40). And 2) While Squarespace, which we currently use to house our website, offers us many wonderful things, plausible and financially-sound shipping options is not one of them. At this time, Squarespace doesn’t allow shipping to be customized on an item-by-item basis. Which can quickly turn into an issue when a customer is ordering multiple books, and Orson’s Publishing is forced to eat a high shipping cost because we can’t offer the proper options through our website.

That said, we’ve used USPS Media Mail multiple times to ship books to customers and reviewers, and we’re very confident in the method. The only drawback is that USPS Media Mail takes 2-10 business days from the time the order was shipped for the order to arrive. Which means that from the time you place the order, you can expect up to three weeks total for the order to processed, shipped, and delivered.

Again, we appreciate your patience.