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Editor in Chief

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Garrett Dennert attained his B.A. from Grand Valley State University, and has since accrued over five years of digital marketing experience, and has placed literary work at Barely South ReviewMidwestern GothicMonkeybicycle, and Whiskeypaper. His novel, Wounded Tongue, was published by Orson's Publishing in November 2016.

Currently, Garrett is covering the Fiction, Poetry, and Visual Arts portions of Orson's Review

Creative Nonfiction Editor


Matthew Edwards is a writer and editor living in Orange County, California, where he spends his free time despairing over his novel, reading Steinbeck, and watching movies with his wife. If given the chance, he'd love to talk your ears off about everything from American Sign Language to theology to the Godzilla movie franchise. His latest work is StoryForge Production's The Dracula Files, a three-season audio horror drama which reimagines Bram Stoker's classic work in the modern era.