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POETRY by Shirley Jones-Luke


Mothra is like the Spring

Nature has such beastly wings
a flutter becomes a tornado
trees bend from the force of the wind
I see nothing wrong with this picture

A tornado becomes a flutter
such beastly wings nature has
the wind bends the trees with such force
with this picture, I see nothing wrong

Of the wind, the trees bend, force
a tornado into becoming a flutter
Beastly nature has such wings
Nothing is wrong with this picture, I see

A flutter, a tornado & wings
trees are nature, bending from
the force, of the wind, I see nothing
with this picture, it's wrong


Lotus Eaters Worship at the Altar of Bliss

Odysseus could not have predicted this,
that the foragers of the opium-like flower
would appear again in the modern era
to spread across this country in pick-up
trucks, backwoods homes and former
southern plantations, hiding
vile pasts surrounded by placid
fields whose soil contains the
carbon footprints of unwilling
servants as their descendants stare
in disbelief at the man who would be
king stand at the podium, grinning
at the disillusioned, spreading his
arms out in a welcoming embrace
as his minions operate in the shadows
making plans to spread the seeds of
ignorance across the globe.



Ms. Luke lives and works in Boston, Mass. She has an MFA from Emerson College. In 2016, Shirley was a Watering Hole Poetry Fellow. Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals and magazines.

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