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Poetry by Michael Chin


The Herculean Wrestler

The Herculean Wrestler wears long pants in the ring. When he flexes in the spotlight, he observes his forearms have grown too big. His biceps should be bigger, should be disproportionate to the rest of his body, because biceps are what people know of power.

He curls with hundred-pound dumbbells. Could go higher, but he wants the reps not just for size, but definition. For the vein.

The Olympic Wrestler laughed at him in his gym shorts backstage. What, you skip leg day, bro?

The Herculean Wrestler shrugged him off as he shrugged the barbell, working his trapezius. He learned early wrestling is an upper body business and in an upper body business, biceps are king.


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Michael Chin was born and raised in Utica, New York and currently lives in Georgia with his wife and son. His hybrid chapbook, The Leo Burke Finish, is available now from Gimmick Press and he has work published or forthcoming in journals including The Normal School, Passages North, and Hobart. He works as a contributing editor for Moss. Find him online at miketchin.com or follow him on Twitter at @miketchin. 

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