Photography by Melanie Faith




Magic Series-- Cup of Darkness.jpg

Cup of Darkness


Magic Series--The Break3x.jpg

The Break


Magic Series--Washi1.jpg



MF Series--WaterWheel Eau of Life1.jpg

Eau of Life


Places Series-Thrive Vine2b.jpg

Thrive Vine


That Summer Seemed to Last Forever1.jpg

That Summer Seemed to Last Forever


author photo O'Neill House cropped bl-wh 7-10-17.jpg

Melanie Faith is an English professor, tutor, auntie, and photographer. Her flash fiction appeared in Lost River (December 2017) and Typishly (November 2017) while her photography was published in Fourth & Sycamore and Sediments (both fall 2017). Her poetry is forthcoming in Poems in the Waiting Room, and her photography series will appear in The Scene & Heard Journal, Light, and The Wire's Dream Magazine. Recent books include a poetry collection called This Passing Fever (FutureCycle Press, September 2017) and two forthcoming craft books for writers called In a Flash and Poetry Power (both from Vine Leaves Press, 2018). You can find more of her photography on her website

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