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Social Media Editor

You understand that having a social media account means that you wield an incredible amount of power, that with just one click, you’re granted access to the eyes of potential friends and fans. 

You respect this power, and you know how to use it for good. You know how to excite people through social media, to begin and sustain a conversation. 

You’re not only passionate about social media, though. You’re passionate about the literary world, and you’ve been searching for the right opportunity through which to connect those who could be lost with the book, journal, workshop, or reading that’s going to help them be found. 

As the Social Media Editor, you’ll utilize Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in order to grow both Orson’s Publishing and Orson’s Review. You’ll have the privilege of interacting with our fans, and you’ll treat each of them with the utmost respect. You’ll understand that Orson’s Publishing and Orson’s Review are young, but that they’re growing and that there’s plenty of space for you to impact the trajectories of each. Additionally, you won’t be afraid to pitch the staff on new and emerging social media channels or strategies. 

If you believe you’re the best candidate for this part-time role, we’d love to hear from you. 


How to Apply

  • Send an email to editor[at]orsonspublishing.com, with the subject line: Social Media Editor Application -- [Your Name Here] (example: Social Media Editor Application -- Jane Doe).
  • Attach to that email your resume and a cover letter. 
  • Within the body of that email, please introduce yourself and include a list of three literary social media accounts you follow loyally. More importantly, tell us why you like them.  


At this time, Orson's Publishing cannot pay its team members for their contributions. While we work diligently to change that, Orson's Publishing does compensate its team members with the following: 

You'll receive free copies of Orson's Publishing titles.

For your website, for social media, or anywhere you'd like to place them. 

Professional References
If you consistently deliver quality work, we'll go to bat for you any day of the week.