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Each morning, you wake up and think immediately about where you left off in the book you’ve been reading. You read before breakfast. You read during breakfast. You read on the bus. You read on your lunch break. You read while you wait for your pasta’s water to boil. You read before you go to sleep.

You’re an obsessive reader. But you don’t just vacantly read. You have strong opinions about what you read—about the characters’ choices; about the authors’ choices.

As a Reader at Orson’s Publishing, you’ll read a high volume of book submissions, and you’ll be comfortable talking about why or why not certain titles should get the attention of our Book Editors. You’ll encounter submissions of many lengths and many genres, so you must be comfortable reading widely and fairly—your personal preferences matter, but you should also be able to separate the personal from the professional and read submissions for what they are, rather than for what you wish they were instead.

Ideally, you have some experience as a Reader in a professional setting, though Orson’s will work with you if you don’t have that experience but can demonstrate why you’d be the perfect fit. If you believe you’re the best candidate for this part-time role, we’d love to hear from you.


How to Apply

  • Send an email to editor[at]orsonspublishing.com, with the subject line: Reader Application -- [Your Name Here] (example: Reader Application -- Jane Doe).

  • Attach to that email your resume and a cover letter.

  • Within the body of that email, please introduce yourself and include a list of three books released in the past three years that you read and enjoyed. Tell us what you enjoyed about them.



At this time, Orson's Publishing cannot pay its team members for their contributions. While we work diligently to change that, Orson's Publishing does compensate its team members with the following: 

You'll receive free copies of Orson's Publishing titles.

For your website, for social media, or anywhere you'd like to place them. 

Professional References
If you consistently deliver quality work, we'll go to bat for you any day of the week.