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Book Publicist

Just because a book is written doesn’t mean that book is going to be read. You wish that weren’t true. You wish it weren’t true, but you believe so strongly in the potential of books that you’re ready to do something about it. 

Maybe you already have experience doing so. 

You understand that in order to give a book the best chance at success connections must be built. With authors, yes, of course, but also with influencers in the literary world — journalists, venues, reviewers, nonprofits, bloggers, podcast hosts, and many more. 

You’re excited by the fact that these connections take time to build, but that these connections are portable and have the potential to go wherever it is you go. 

As the Book Publicist, you’ll champion Orson’s Publishing authors to influencers of the literary world, and you’ll know that you can’t do so in a one-size-fits-all manner. You’ll know that each book must be treated individually, and with care. You’ll understand that Orson’s Publishing is young, but that it’s growing and that there’s plenty of space for you to impact the company’s trajectory. You’ll also understand that a small staff means our aim isn’t to publish dozens of books per year, but to publish 1-2 books per year, and to give those 1-2 books everything we have.  

If you believe you’re the best candidate for this part-time role, we’d love to hear from you. 


How to Apply

  • Send an email to editor[at]orsonspublishing.com, with the subject line: Book Publicist Application -- [Your Name Here] (example: Book Publicist Application -- Jane Doe).
  • Attach to that email your resume and a cover letter. 
  • Within the body of that email, please introduce yourself and include a list of your three favorite literary podcasts, literary radio shows, or literary TV shows. More importantly, tell us why they're your favorites.


At this time, Orson's Publishing cannot pay its team members for their contributions. While we work diligently to change that, Orson's Publishing does compensate its team members with the following: 

You'll receive free copies of Orson's Publishing titles.

For your website, for social media, or anywhere you'd like to place them. 

Professional References
If you consistently deliver quality work, we'll go to bat for you any day of the week.