Merch Commissions Goals

Each time we reach $100 in commissions, $50 goes to Page Ahead and $50 goes to Conservation Northwest -- two nonprofit organizations whose missions resonate with us.

Orson's Publishing merchandise lives offsite at the wonderful TeePublic, a platform that not only hosts digital storefronts, but manufactures each item on demand.

Why does manufacturing each item on demand matter? When items are manufactured on demand it means that each item is produced necessarily, rather than in large quantities that run the risk of sitting untouched for months, or even years.

How we're paid out from items purchased through TeePublic is in the manner of a commission from each item sold. This is because Orson's Publishing is considered the designer of the merchandise. Orson's Publishing is not the seller, nor is Orson's Publishing the distributor. If you're interested, check out this breakdown of TeePublic commission rates by clicking this link.

What's most exciting to us about this new direction for the company is that we'll be donating 100% of our commissions to two nonprofit organizations whose missions resonate with us: Page Ahead, and Conservation Northwest.

We'll be tracking our progress with the chart to your right, and making donations each time we hit the $100 commission mark ($50 to Page Ahead, $50 to Conservation Northwest).

Get started by browsing our TeePublic storefront, or by clicking the buttons below. But also, be sure to sign up to be part of the Orson's Reading Group so that you don't miss the unveiling of any of our upcoming designs.

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