*ATTN: Book submissions are CLOSED.


Book Submissions

We’ll get this boring line out of the way first: before you submit, it’s imperative that you familiarize yourself with what Orson’s Publishing is and what Orson’s Publishing does.

Chances are you’ve already done that. You’ve already read through our About section. You’ve skimmed through a few of our blog posts. You’ve previewed a few of our previous offerings of books, as well as an issue or two of Orson’s Review. And now you’re here, contemplating whether or not you’ll submit your book-length manuscript to Orson’s Publishing.

It’s a hard decision, figuring out what home looks like for that manuscript, that living, breathing thing you’ve worked so hard at – for all those months, for all those years – and one of which you should be sure of prior to taking steps of any kind. So, even if you’re at this exact moment utterly ecstatic over what we do here at Orson’s, step away for a while. Shut your devices off. Breathe. Process all of the options you’ve encountered in your research.

And when you’re ready to come back, when you’re ready to see which potential home will love and nurture your manuscript in the ways you desire, we hope you think of us, and that you reach out to us with your best foot forward. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

NOTE: Orson's Publishing aims to publish one book per year. 


  • GENRE. Our interest primarily lies here: literary fiction, creative nonfiction, fantasy, sci-fi, western, and short story collections.

  • LENGTH. We’re pretty lenient here. But, let’s just say we’re more likely to publish a 60-page story collection than a 1,000 page epic. Does that mean that we won’t publish a 1,000 page epic? No, it doesn’t. The issue with doing so is that a 1,000 page epic takes up a substantial portion of time from our small and attentive staff. That said, send your 1,000 page epic on over! We’d be happy to check it out.

  • AUTHENTICITY. What makes you you is how your past experiences shape what you're currently experiencing, or what you're yet to experience. Nobody on this planet has had the exact same experiences. In effect, nobody on this planet sees things quite the way you do. Your work should port this over to the page, and stand out as something we've never seen, or read, before.

  • INNOVATION. Innovation doesn’t have to be some large, noisy thing. We’re fans of innovation that whispers, too. For clarity, when we say innovation, we envision several different scenarios: innovation can take place within the sentence, within the character, within the plot, and within the format. And, if you're telling a unique story in your voice, it may be taking place within your manuscript without your knowing it.

  • EXPERIMENTATION. Some of that innovation could be decided upon and implemented consciously. So, we include this bullet point so that maybe prior to submitting you ask yourself two questions: 1) Why are these experiments taking place? and 2) Are these experiments serving the story? If your experiments on he page don't serve the story, and, instead, you’re experimenting for the sake of experimenting, we'll see right through it.

  • RESPECT. We’ll be treating you and your work with the utmost respect, and we hope you do the same. If not, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be working together.


Book submissions are to be sent via email, to bookeditor [at] orsonspublishing.com, with the subject line: [Your Name] – Book Submission – Genre – Title of Work]. Here’s an example of this format:

John Doe – Book Submission – Western – My Wife, Jane Doe

We ask that you attach your manuscript to the email as a .doc or .docx file, and that in the body of your email, please include a cover letter introducing the work, as well as yourself. There are no word minimums or maximums for the cover letter, which we understand has the potential to be even more daunting. But hey, don’t sweat the small stuff. You won’t be judged on your cover letter; it’s merely there so we know better who we’re talking to when we’re able to reply.

We'll do our best to reply within six months of the date you send your manuscript. If we decide we'd like to move forward with your work, we'll discuss at that time the role Orson's Publishing could play in the next steps of your book's publishing journey -- we operate this way because your book is unique, and should be treated as such.