Orson’s Publishing is a book publishing company operating out of Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2016, Orson’s is determined to deliver wise, yet approachable stories to readers everywhere.

You can get to know Orson a little bit better in this interview, now available on our blog. And, as always, please do feel free to drop by the Contact page and say hello—we'll always be happy to hear from you.


Publishing literature doesn’t make you elite. Nor does reading it. But too often it seems as if the term “literature” brings with it one uber-thick layer of elitism that has yet to be gouged in the slightest. This layer scares people. It alienates them. It morphs into more than a wall, but into a spoiled child hugging its slew of toys and screaming at the top of its lungs, “MINE!”

We refuse to be that child. We refuse to thicken that layer.

Above all else, we strive instead to be approachable, to do our part in chipping away at that layer, and for readers to come to us with curious eyes, comfortable in picking up one of our books and taking a risk.

Does that mean that “art” is sacrificed, that our stories are watered down? Does that mean that we also refuse to be ahead of the curve in terms of form, quality, and ideas?

We don’t think so. We just have no interest in being exclusive.

Does that mean that our stories will all be light-hearted and happy? Does that mean that all we want to do is have fun?

To the first question: no. Not at all. There will be stories of all kinds at Orson’s. And of course we want to have fun—after all, we are a fictional bear, and we do have a name that could be mistaken for the local watering hole.

All are welcome here.



Currently, Orson's Publishing is operated by its founder, Garrett Dennert. In 2012, Garrett attained his B.A. from Grand Valley State University, and has since placed work at Barely South ReviewMidwestern GothicMonkeybicycle, and Whiskeypaper. 

His novel, Wounded Tongue, was published by Orson's Publishing in November 2016. 


  • Fact #1: He thinks that 99% of sequels actually harm the original.
  • Fact #2: He once ate what is known as a "button battery" -- a single cell battery commonly used in watches.
  • Fact #3: He has been the same height since the age of 12 (5'11").