Orson’s Review is a literary journal committed to publishing the wise yet approachable. Writers and artists may submit at any time throughout the year for consideration in our annual digital issue (published in May), as well as in our annual print issue (published in November).

To best understand what Orson’s Review aims to publish, we highly recommend browsing earlier issues. A few words to get you started, however: we won’t shy away from the experimental, nor will we begrudge the traditional. Whether you have multiple credits to your name, or are new to your craft: if you believe you have something to say, and that you could be saying it in an interesting way, we’d be honored if you considered submitting to Orson’s Review.

Orson’s Review is now accepting submissions for its first ever issue, which will be published on the Orson's Publishing website on March 27th, 2018. Before you submit, please read the Orson's Review Submissions Guidelines.